Me Again! PC Freezing!

  [DELETED] 12:54 04 Apr 2006

Hey, again! I got my Athlon running at 2100+ @1.73GHZ but after a while it just freezes! I changed the fan so it runs at 52C so there is no reason it should freeze! Now again it's running at 1500+ @ 1.3Ghz. Why is it freezing? Thanks guys.

Thank you for all your help on my PC, the previous owner totally messed it up!

  Terry Brown 13:35 04 Apr 2006

Is the machine a self build?
If so there could be a blockage in the information pipeline (Explanation follows)

Imagine your computer as a road system.

You are going along a motorway, then you go to a country lane before going back on a motorway.

When you hit the country lane, everything slows down(Narrow road), and then when you go back on the motorway the front traffic surges ahead, before the rest can catch up, causing a gap (freeze).
If the processor, graphics card, memory & bus lanes are not all running at the same speed, this is what happens.
Hope this helps

  [DELETED] 13:41 04 Apr 2006

Previous post click here why didn't you just continue on this? Why start another posting as you haven't ticked it as resolved yet?

You'd really be better closing this one down and continueing on the other one so people can see what advice has been given and what action has been taken.

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