Me again asking for more help!

  wiz33 10:46 23 Dec 2003

On my site click here I have an ENQUIRY FORM using PHP, which clients can use to request information and check availability. The form works fine and sends me an E-mail with all the information and also an e-mail reply to the client. You can try the form..Just put a comment at the bottom that is only a test please.

When you submit a FORM on the e-mail you will receive you will see all the requested info in 2 columns.

I have created an HTM form which I am using to e-mail to the HOTEL suppliers. You can see the HTML FORM at: click here

Now I need to take this a step forward and automate the process, so when a client submits a request I need an e-mail with this FORM to be sent to the supplier and also to us.

My problem is (as you know I don't know how to write PHP code etc)so:

1. How A form (like this one) can be send to the HOTEL and also to me?

Any help and suggestions?

Sorry asking for help again but I can't find a programmer who can do that for me. I only get promises and nothing more (despite that I am prepared to pay). Thanks to you all and especially to Richard that I have managed to reach so far.


  Taran 11:47 23 Dec 2003

Who is your web host ?

The reason I ask it that some hosts prefer you to use existing email scripts and those that they prefer you to use support multiple forms and multiple recipients.

For example, 1&1 prefer you to use a variant of Matt's FormMail script in PHP. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which are just how capable this is as a form handler and also that they are quite confident in its overall security.

It is fairly easy to set up and allows you to specify one or more forms and recipients on your site; you can set it up to send the results of form X to one recipient of your choice while form Y could be sent to any number of named recipients and an autoresponse can be triggered to reply to the form sender.

I can write PHP until the cows come home, but for most users I normally suggest something like this as a preconfigured script - no point reinventing the wheel if you don't have to. You fill in a few fields in the script itslef with your domain, host, recipient email address or addresses and any autoresponses you want and off you go.

No disrespect intended to the help you have had so far, but you may want to check with your web host about running various scripts. While they won't often physically prevent you from running your own PHP forms they may prefer you to use alternate means, for security reasons if nothing else, and you often find that, like 1&1, the script they suggest will handle as many forms on your site as you like and can also deal with multiple recipients and autoresponses.

Just a thought.



  Taran 11:52 23 Dec 2003

Even if you don't understand PHP, Matt's Script in either Perl or PHP ships with a lot of read me files and has such a large userbase that help is never far away.

The UK site can be found click here while there are loads more walkthroughs, tutorials and whatnot on this site click here

Make sure you go for the PHP version unless you want to wrestle with the CGI Perl script.

Either one will do what you want though, it's just that not many people can get their heads around setting a CGI script up and making the directory for it executable.

  wiz33 13:29 23 Dec 2003

My IP is They have their own forms etc and allow PHP code on the site. They run Perl 4.

Thanks for your help and advise again and I will have another go to see if I can make the e-mail for multible users to sent the NEW FORM out. That way I will cover suppliers, client and us, in one go.

OK I will study again all the info you send me.

Thanks and Merry Christmas


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