Mcafee VirusScan Online - Checking for Updates

  silverfoxdiver 17:48 19 Aug 2003

Recently installed Mcafee VirusScan Online on a Windows 98 PC and now there is an entry in the Task Scheduler which keeps wanting to check back to Mcafee for updates to the software every 5 minutes. As I am using a dial up connection this not only seems excessive but is also costly. Anybody got any ideas how I can kill this Task once and for all as it keeps reappearing on boot up even though I have deleted it from the Task Scheduler before shutting down. Have already tried to configure the "Check for Updates" facility to let me manually check but even that seems to make no difference to the task reappearing.

  alB 21:28 19 Aug 2003

This might help, click start,run and type msconfig in the open box, click run and then on the system configuration utility select the startup tab, look for an entry something like McAfee update.exe or similar and take the tick out of the box, reboot your PC and see if that does the trick. (If not you can go back and retick the Item)...alB

  Boluwd 21:51 19 Aug 2003

The three files in Startup that need to be unchecked are RuLaunch.exe (the McAfee instant Update Monitor, McAgent.exe (the Red box with white M down in the taskbar) and MCUpdate.exe (updater). Don't forget to regularly check for updates manually tho'. I've found McAfee to usually update the DAT files on Thursdays.By the way, open the task scheduler and check when was the last time it ran... probably "Never"!!!

  Boluwd 23:11 19 Aug 2003

I've just thought that it's the mstask.exe that needs to be unchecked in startup programs. Another thing, if you are using dial up connection, why not allow McAfee to update itself automatically? It doesn't happen every 5 minutes and does so unobtrusively in the background. It's better to be up to date than getting a virus. By the way McAfee latest DAT update is today, probably due to the Sobig.F virus. I would therefore leave McAfee programs (RuLaunch.exe,MCAgent.exe and MCUpdate.exe)to load at start up. I had a 56k dial up connection up until a month ago and if you're on line then you're on line and paying for it. McAfee won't make a connection without your approval(? anyone disagree?)

  Grazynus 08:42 20 Aug 2003

I agree with Bol Uwd. The updater is persistant but unobtrusive in action. Once updated, it leaves you alone. I would not rely on myself to remember to update regularly, there always seeems to be more important things to do.

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