McAfee VirusScan - more files to scan each day

  splinternet 13:48 09 Nov 2004

I have McAfee VirusScan 7.0 Enterprise on my laptop and have set it to run a daily scan on all files on my hard disk. When this first started, a few months ago, it took about 20 minutes, but now it's taking about an hour or more, during which time the rest of the laptop runs like treacle. I don't mind 20 mins. of treacle but an hour's worth is causing me problems. Looking at the log, it shows that the no. of files scanned is increasing by about 1,000 each day, so what started as a 27,000-file scan in May is now well over 100,000 files and still growing. I guess there are a no. of questions I want to ask:
(1) is it overkill to scan all files every day? (2) any idea where all these extra files are coming from (e.g. temporary internet files?). (3) how can I sensibly get control over what seems to be an uncontrollable no. of files?

In Windows Explorer, I did a search of all files (*.*) with yesterday's date, and it only listed 128, whereas McAfee showed the usual c.1,000 files increment over the previous day (working day, i.e. Friday).

  Danoh 18:54 09 Nov 2004

New files created depends a lot on what applications you have running on your laptop. If yours is company issue, the number of files should be less as some of the burden is carried by the server-side part of the software solution. But again, depending on how things are run, corporate solutions could add rather than reduce the number of files.

If you use Windows explorer as is, many systems files will not be shown in the count of files you have as they are hidden by default.

If you clear down/delete your temp internet files, etc., with Disk Cleanup utility followed by a defrag, your a/v scan should take less time.

Usually, one would run a full a/v scan when the PC is not required, say overnight? A full scan supplements on-the-fly checks on new files coming into the system. Daily seems a bit excessive though. Do you have any particular reason to feel this frequency is needed?

  splinternet 23:24 09 Nov 2004


>>Daily seems a bit excessive though. Do you have any particular reason to feel this frequency is needed?<< There was a spate of viruses getting into our corporate systems some months ago, so doing it daily seemed a good idea at the time.

I'll follow your cleanup/defrag advice and see what happens. Many thanks.

  The Spires 23:35 09 Nov 2004

I am paranoid about security & I scan my system once a week, the AV should pick any new malware up with it's background scanner. Quite a few on here use click here to remove junk, never had any problems with it.

  WaTcHiNg 00:32 10 Nov 2004

McAfee only release AV updates weekly at Wednesday pm approx 21:00 (UK time) unless there are medium of higher risk viruses identified.

Once you do a full scan with a new DAT file you don't need to do one until the next DAT update. This is because VSE7 will automatically catch any known viruses before they get onto your laptop providing that the on access scanner is enabled.

I'd also recommend upgrading the VSE8.0i (if you have the option) as this has additional protection for things like buffer underruns (ie. protection against sasser) and mass mailer viruses built in.

  Danoh 13:28 10 Nov 2004

His A/V is corporate issue so his profile is unlikely to have the authority to change options let alone do an upgrade. The net-eng guys at his place would set that. But obviously something went wrong procedurally a few months ago as McAfee is pretty effective. The recent viral infringements would have made this a focus item and I doubt if there is a serious risk now.

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