Mcafee Uninstall affecting my internet activity

  blackjohn 11:23 07 Mar 2006

When I uninstall McAfee Firewall V4.02.6000.0 it stops my ability to connect to the internet via my dial-up modem. I get the connection OK but if I attempt to get to an internet site e.g yahoo it comes up with the message cannot find the site.

I have used system restore and McAfee re-appears and everything works OK, but I have attempted to uninstall twice with the same effect

Using “File Map by BB” it seems to remove the following 3 DLL’s
Cslsp.dll inetwh32.dll roboex 32.dll
(checking on their properties only the first one seems to attributable to McAfee)

Has anyone else had a similar experience, and knows how to uninstall McAfee without causing this problem

It also seems to stop Avast working as it stops all the providers and I get an Avast error message (I think it was 1016)

Bare with me in responding to any posts, as stated above I use a dial-up modem and only go on line occasionally

  blackjohn 18:47 07 Mar 2006

since posting i've read all the other foruns and have carried out their suggestions

I reloaded the dll's mentioned in my original query.

i've used Mcafee clean-up exe

Still the same results HELP

  skidzy 19:04 07 Mar 2006

Just a suggestion,try using ccleaner's uninstaller,use the link below.Dont forget to run a scan with ccleaner to clear any redundant registry paths.The program is free and very good.
click here

  blackjohn 20:25 09 Mar 2006

As i said i omnly come on line occasionaly so thanks for the posting

I'll give it a go and let you know how i get on

  blackjohn 18:43 10 Mar 2006


well I tried Crapcleaner but got exactly the same results as when using add/remove via control panel in XP.

Can anyone give me advice on what controls finding the individual web sites. As I said I get the connection OK but cannot get any web sites.

I am going to attempt to remove McAfee by hand, as I have installed Unlocker, but obviuosly don't want to remove any software associated with internet connectivity.

So any of you PC advisor boffins could let me now what to avoid or look out for any advice would be welcome

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