McAfee trial - should I remove it

  laptopdunce 13:24 08 Oct 2013

I have just restored to facotry settings my Sony vaio laptop, it has a McAfee trial antivirus programme, I am using Avast, should I delete the McAffee from the control panel - or should I let it run? I did make a Restore Point in windows after it was all set up with my favourite programmes and configured to home page/desktop etc., I hope this is enough in case there is another DISASTER!!! thanks lAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 08 Oct 2013

Yes remove it see here there is probably aload of other crapware on there as well which could do with removing

PC Decrapifier is a tool I have used on many a new / reset, laptop / desktop Download the free version.

1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  bumpkin 15:08 08 Oct 2013

Best to remove it really, AV's can clash with each other.

  laptopdunce 17:21 08 Oct 2013

OK thanks have done that manually in the control panel, there is also a programme in the programme list called "Evernote" from Evernote Corp. Is this important? is it best to leave it there?? I will have a look at the decrapifier and see if that will remove anything hidden away, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 17:32 08 Oct 2013

Hi, I have downloaded the decrapifier and it gave EXACTLY the same programme list as Ihave in windows control panel, so I didnt remove anything, it did have a "help" icon next to all the programmes and I asked what the "evernote" programme was, it said that "0" percent of the decrapifier users ever deleted this programme, so I left it, Will the decrapifier stay on the laptop to be used at a future date? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  bumpkin 19:17 08 Oct 2013

Evernote can be safely removed.

  laptopdunce 21:31 08 Oct 2013

OK thanks for that, what is Evernote?? I have never heard of it? was it a "safe" programme that is pre-loaded by the Sony Vaio laptop factory? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 08 Oct 2013
  laptopdunce 12:23 09 Oct 2013

OK thanks for that, so its nothing to do with the "notepad" in windows (which I use alot)? I think I can well delete this programme Evernote as I have never used it? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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