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  frybluff 23:05 14 Feb 2012

Have just bought a Dell XPS, which comes with full version McAfee (one of the few things I didn't have a choice over). What reviews I've seen about McAfee, tend to rubbish it. Would I be better off uninstalling it, and getting something like AVG? If so, is the free version all I'm likely to need, or is it worth paying for the premium version. Bullguard also has some good reviews, and fairly cheap. Is that a good alternative?

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 00:59 15 Feb 2012

McAfee produce a fine product, the differences between most of them can be likened to the last 6 inches of a One mile race, pretty marginal, but one has to win. This year was not McAfee's year but, it has done well in the past.

As it's the full product, keep it until the end of your Freeby year and then decide if you wish to pay for the next year's Updates. You will need to start again in the third year because the threats are likely to have made it's Engine antediluvian.

  Routers4Humans 10:49 15 Feb 2012

Hi frybluff,

I know McAfee very closely as have spent few years with its functionality and its products. If your need is basic and you do not use multiple third party programs, then its good. Its good in some aspects but bad in its pop-ups and blocking third party programs.

Since you have paid for this program (full version), let it be in your computer until it dies and simultaneously you may installed Malwarebyte and keep scanning your computer with a full scan, atleast once a week. This would quarantine all the malware infections from your computer. Here you can download this program:

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  matt2000 11:30 15 Feb 2012

dump mcafee avg and bullgaurd have a tendency to die when viruses attack, Panda antivirus pro 2012 is good at blasting viruses by netralising them when they attack.

  difarn 11:44 15 Feb 2012

The only problem I have ever had with an anti-virus product has been with McAfee - it totally de-stablised my PC and I ended up having to take it to a specialist to solve the problems it caused.

Have used Norton Internet Security for over 20 years with absolutely no problems. I have this installed on 3 PC's running Windows 7, Vista and XP. I also have AVG free installed on two laptops without problems.

  Routers4Humans 11:53 15 Feb 2012

Can anybody give an 100% assurance that having one anti-virus software can protect one's PC from any infection, does not matter how he uses his computer, going online, downloading free stuffs, surfing social networking websites etc???

If there would have been one, then no competition would have been existed in market? Indeed, the fact is that; its 50% depends on user's use and his awareness about his activity on internet and 50% depends on the anti-virus program installed. This is authenticity..................

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 15 Feb 2012

No one antivirus is going to catch everything and two will just conflict.

You've paid for it so use it until it runs out and then think about whether to use a paid for suite or a selection of freebies.

I've always used freebies, swapping from time to time as they drop in performance or become bloated.

Currently using AVAst as AV, backed up with spyblaster as a blocker and Malwarebytes as a scanner for malware.

However common sense on where you browse is a good defence as well

  frybluff 14:54 15 Feb 2012

I fully appreciate that 50% of security is just common sense. However, it's nice to be able to rely on something "ticking away" in the background, to weed out the vast majority of "nasties" that may be lurking in the other 50%. I don't have young children, to worry about fancy parental controls, etc. It's just that, reading reviews of McAfee that say it's not very good at this, and it's not very good at that, doesn't fill me with confidence. The idea of having a "second line of defence" sounds good, but not if they're just going to fight each other.

  wee eddie 16:22 15 Feb 2012


Remember that the writer of the article is contracted to write x,000 words on the subject. Got to fill copy with something!

  Routers4Humans 04:47 16 Feb 2012

The second line of security is an option not an obligation. And the suggestion, which I have made earlier in my post, it wouldn't let these two entities fight with each other. McAfee is a completely version software which you have in your system and this Malwarebyte is gonna be a software without any charge. Many professionals uses it for troubleshooting and so I.

Its your call now, whether you would need it indeed or else, praise McAfee. All the best!!!

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