McAfee and RAM

  NoeK 14:35 31 Dec 2004

Hi folks

With my recent PC base unit purchase came the McAfee Internet Security Suite 2004 ver.6.0. After installing it, my broadband internet browsing seems to be slower (although download speeds still seem fine) and the systems resources are being chewed up by all of the McAfee processes. I know from being on these forums for a while that a Personal Firewall isn't really neccesary for a home PC and the new Windows XP does the job. So that leaves the package with an Anti-Virus and SpamKiller installed. I'm thinking perhaps i should install AVG Free Edition, get rid of all of the McAfee programs and leave the XP firewall to do it's job. To cut a long story short, do i really need the McAfee Internet Security Suite installed on my home PC, and can i just manage with the XP firewall and AVG?

Thanks alot in advance.

PS> Happy New Year (eve)

  igk 16:09 31 Dec 2004

Noek, I have been using McAfee anti virus for years with no problems,But a warning here re Winxp firewall in a word dump it! as it does not deal with any nasties that may already be on your pc and "phoning home" I use ZoneAlarm free edition (this will monitor outgoing as well as incoming traffic) at click here may be better off just using an anti-virus prog (Iv'e used AVG in the past ok)and as said Zone Alarm firewall,also you might do a scan with "Spybot" search&destroy and also "AdawareSE" just to check that you have not got anything unpleasant on your pc that is slowing down your connection.Hope this helps and a happy new year.

  igk 16:11 31 Dec 2004

Just a correction that link for Zone Alarm should be: click here

  ACOLYTE 16:17 31 Dec 2004

I don't wont to disagree with igk but xp firewall (sp2) is quite good in my opinion,although not as good as the others you can get but at least its better than none,and if the nasties are already on the PC then its the AV software not the firewall that needs dumping.I would also say sygate is more user friendly for ICS and networks than ZA,thats just my opinion others may disagree.

  igk 16:25 31 Dec 2004

1)Even with SP2 the xp firewall does not check outgoing traffic! a rather stupid error by M$ there!
2)When I say nasties I mean spyware/keyloggers/malaware Anti virus software can & does let this through (In an ideal world this should not happen)this is why its a good idea to use software like Spybot s&d and Adaware.
3)Regarding Zone Alarm I have used it since its release quite a few years ago now and have had no trouble at all,although a couple of updates have caused certain problems with some obscure software.

  NoeK 21:21 31 Dec 2004

Thank you both for your opinions and suggestions. I've decided i will stick with the McAfee Anti-Virus and McAfee Firewall, I've also downloaded SpyBot and Ad-Aware as suggested by igk, Ad-Aware found 14 entries on first scan!

Thanks alot and a happy new year!


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