McAfee internet security - keep or not

  collinsc 14:04 26 May 2014


I have McAfee internet security installed on my new Acer laptop. I assume for a years free trial?

I have heard mixed things about McAfee, do i keep it or uninstall and download another free internet security. I have installed: AVG SuperAntiSpyware Malwarebytes - antimalware


  rdave13 14:17 26 May 2014

Having McAfee and AVG on the same PC can cause problems. Two AV's will clash and most probably slow the machine down. If you decide to remove McAfee then search online for their removal tool. Similarly if you decide to remove AVG.

  Menzie 14:30 26 May 2014

Usually the version that comes with new computers preinstalled are for 1-3 months. If it is a full year you can just leave it in place. McAfee gets a bad rep but it still does well in reviews I've read. Of course there will be those with a different opinion.

Have a look and see exactly what length of time they have given you.

  spuds 15:12 26 May 2014

If you have McAfee and other pre-installed 'trial-ware' on your new Acer machine, then check for expiry dates, because some of this type of trial-ware can be very limited, and only fully paid-up versions offer the full longer term protection.

  collinsc 15:55 26 May 2014

many thanks everyone

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