McAfee Freescan

  Kaacee 14:25 26 Sep 2003

Whilst on the internet earlier,I saw the above being offered to scan my PC for viruses,I use Trend PC-cillin on a regular basis and always keep it uptodate,it has never found a virus in the 10 months i have used it and it can scan my C drive in approx. 27 minutes, however, i thought that using a second AV system may find anything that may have "slipped" through the Trend net,well, after 90 MINUTES and still only 72% of the way through my C drive i aborted the scan, what i would like to know is:Is this par for the course with McAfee,if so,i'm glad i've got Trend,2hours to do a scan of my c drive is ridiculous.My C drive is 19GB with only 1.75 used!!!!!!

  bremner 14:46 26 Sep 2003

It is never a good idea having two AV programs running on the same machine, it tends to cause more prblems than it cures. This may very well be the reason the scan is taking such a long time.

  Kaacee 16:51 26 Sep 2003

I didn't have Trend running when i did the McAfee scan....they advised me to disable any other AV prog....

  rawprawn 19:22 26 Sep 2003

Go to housecall, & try the same thing. I believe that's PC Cillin, see what happens.

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