mcafee conflict with IE8

  borosteve 12:00 12 Mar 2010

Hi asking for help. No technical etc. Have Mcafee internet security package 2010 and running IE8. IE8 and outlook freezes and is unusable until a hard boot and works for 30seconds or so then freezes says not respondidng and stays that way. Have tried uninstalling IE8 and does the same with IE6 and IE7 with same result for outlook express. Reset browser settings also. Have unistalled Mcafee and IE8and outlook work fine again. Have re downloaded Mcafee and problem returns as it was. Presently using firefox as a browser but still no outlook express. Tried downloading mcafee assistance which wont work on firefox

  borosteve 12:03 12 Mar 2010

also have had the router checked by internet provider. Router is hard wired and using a Dell desktop

  Terry Brown 12:10 12 Mar 2010

It seems as if Mcafee and Explorer are incompatable- see link- click here=

Although you are using Firefox, IE is still in use for loading your updates etc.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

  birdface 16:02 12 Mar 2010

Most of the programs Googled was when IE8 was in Beta form.
I would not think that there would still be consistent problems today or McAfee would loose a lot of sales.
Maybe better for borosteve to remove McAfee and go for MSE instead or any other Free Anti-virus program.

  Pine Man 08:32 13 Mar 2010

I am running McAfee and IE8 without any problems whatsoever and have been for some time.

  dfh 08:46 13 Mar 2010

I am also running McAfee and IE8 with no problems
Have you tried running MVT[click here]
to see if that throws up anything?

  borosteve 13:56 13 Mar 2010

had mcafee working on problem by giving them remote access. They uninstalled IE8 and replaced with 7. Reset browsers etc exactly as I had done and then uninstalled Mcafee. Reinstalled mcafee and after first boot ...IE7 not responding. Rapidly coming to the conclusion to cancel subscription. I do a lot of browsing and downloading so require a good AV which picks up malware and spyware, trojans etc as also buy from Internet sites. Any suggestions please for a good AV .

  borosteve 13:59 13 Mar 2010

as a post script. Mcafee and IE8 was running perfectly fine until Wednesday . No new programmes have been added. Microsft had done various resets and installs with me when first diagnosing the problem being an issue with Mcafee. Had used it for 18 months prior to this with no problems.

  birdface 14:18 13 Mar 2010

Maybe turn the Firewall off and see if it works ok without it.

  borosteve 15:23 19 Mar 2010

Mcafee with remote access hve after 3 , 5hour evenings working on it have sorted the problem

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