Mcafee blocks internet

  [DELETED] 21:28 05 Aug 2003

Following the installation of the latest engine and central update to mcafee virusscan 7 on my XP machine, I am unable to send or recieve any internet data, although I can connect to my ISP. Uninstallation solves the internet problem, but leaves me without a virus scanner. I have experienced this problem on another computer with almost the same software but this had its connection blocked by the central update that was avaliable 2 month ago. I thought it was a one off but now... I was wondering if anybody had any ideas?

  [DELETED] 21:42 05 Aug 2003

Are you using OEM or a evaluation prog.....are you using the firewall aswell etc.

  [DELETED] 21:57 05 Aug 2003

This is a full retail version

  [DELETED] 22:02 05 Aug 2003

Sorry - more accurately it might be the OEM version, i just got a cd when i bought it with version 6 on it. This blocked the connection but mcafee then brought out v7 which I was eligable to download. This worked fine with updates until July. When again the internet connection was blocked. I am using the windows firewall, no others. it did not come with firewall

  [DELETED] 23:34 05 Aug 2003

Depending on the age of the software you are only entitled to 1 years free check OEM click help scroll to "about viruscan"...its just a guess but maybe you cannot upgrade to version 7 without paying for it.
Id also recommend a decent firewall xp does not stop unwanted connections outbound ....many programs you install will make sly connections to the net....not good!......i use the mcaffee firewall and virus scanner and its saved my bacon many a firewall withstood a 2 hour "syn flood" attack recently and god knows how many viruses.......sorry sounds like i work for them:-).

  [DELETED] 00:54 06 Aug 2003

Mcafee7 Professional Edition does have a firewall, but you have the option not to install it. Go to Start - Programs(Show all with XP)- Mcafee. If you have the firewall installed it will be listed.

It sounds like a firewall problem that you have.


  [DELETED] 22:19 06 Aug 2003

Thankyou for your firewall advice. [email protected]@k @ me: I can appreciate that I am only entitled to 1 year of updates but surely once that year has expired I should simply be denyed updates, not have my ability to send/recieve data destroyed?

Megabyte: Yes I have seen that mcaffee have firewall on the pro verion but I have the home edition and there is no firewall with this software. THe problem occurs wjether or not the XP firewall is active.

After many attempts I have managed to get a response from mcaffee suggesting the Window update 818043 was causing the problem so I will try uninstalling that then go down the update pathway again. I wish i had broadband 4 this!

  [DELETED] 23:13 10 Aug 2003

People on this forum have asked for conculsions to problems so here's an update. I did not have the patch mcaffee suggested installed but due to unrelated broblems concerning the telephone netwrok prodiver, I had to switch to AOl. Whatever AOL has installed seems to have solved the problem although I do not know how. So I can tick this thread resolved, at least until I leave AOL. Thanks for posting help

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