McAfee any good?

  2neat 23:12 14 Jan 2010

Just signed upto 02 BB. It comes with McAfee AV.
I use AVG free (for years). Is MA better than AVG or do I not bother with it?


  gel 07:15 15 Jan 2010

I have O2 BB which includes McAfee.
I found it more trouble than it was worth and soon reverted to Avast Zone Alarm and Malwarebytes Anti malware
If you do un install McAfee make sure you download the tool from McAfee to do it

If you are happy with what you have, my advice is stay with it
To decide about McAFee go to their forum and see the problems

  KremmenUK 07:20 15 Jan 2010

Recent AV reviews place it close to the bottom of the pile.

Norton comes close to the top

  Andsome 08:28 15 Jan 2010

You take your life in your hands with Norton, as anyone who has ever tried to uninstall it can tell you. If like me, you prefer to pay rather than rely on free ones which can never be as good, then one of the finest is ESET Nod 32 security suite. It gets consistently first class independent test results, having only failed once several years ago to find a virus in the wild. What is more, if you live in the UK you can not only get e mail advice, but telephone help too.

  Pine Man 08:51 15 Jan 2010

I have been using McAfee since O2 began and have had no problems whatsoever. I think it is brilliant!

Be advised that the McAfee supplied by O2 is NOT just AV. It is a security SUITE for upto 3 computers and I am not aware of any other FREE security suites.

  2neat 08:58 15 Jan 2010

Probably stick with AVG then as it has served me well in the past. I have migrated from SKY over to 02 due to their silly 10 Gig pm limit & warning emails. Its a good job electricity companys don't restrict us to 10000 Kw per month!
"Sorry love, can't put the oven on tonight, the elecy company have emailed me we are getting close to the limit".....
I did not want to move my phone line over to them to get unlimited. 02 have had good reviews & £75 for the year unlimited £0 connection charge plus free wireless router seems a good offer. Time will tell. My max download is about 3 meg due to distance so max speed irrelevant.


  gel 09:09 15 Jan 2010

Hi 2neat
If you ever have any problems with O2 just phone them They are extremely helpful.
To give you an example
I had a problem and with an hearing defect I have difficulty with telephones so O2 said they would talk with my wife(who knowns very little about computers)
My wife relayed instructions to me and all resolved
And more importantly the phone call was free

  interzone55 09:21 15 Jan 2010

I can't comment on current versions of McAfee, as I didn't install the copy that came with my O2 BB, but we have it at work and it's currently using almost 200mb of ram whilst scanning and whilst just sat there doing nothing it uses around 60mb, which is far to much for my liking...

  Woolwell 10:41 15 Jan 2010

I used to use McAfee but am not a great fan now. I prefer Kaspersky and Norton. The latest version of Norton seems quite good.

Regarding the free products I have begun to go off AVG from looking at the reviews, reports and number of questions on forums. Microsoft Security Essentials seems to be a reasonable product. I installed it on an old laptop with no problems and no noticeable hit on performance.

  skeletal 10:43 15 Jan 2010

We have recently bought a new laptop for my son which came with a 15 month trial of McAfee. I’m not a McAfee exert so I’m not sure which version it is, but it looks like we will have to pay to use it beyond the 15 months, so assume it is identical to the paid version.

It annoyed me intensely when, following me turning on my computer and the laptop finding it on the network, a big splash screen suddenly appeared telling us that my computer was at risk and did we want to install McAfee.

It’s bad enough having obtrusive splash screens relating to your own computer, let alone them coming up for other machines, fully protected by the way.

2neat: You made me smile: “Its a good job electricity companys don't restrict us to 10000 Kw per month!”

You may be interested to know that, in the future, something like this may be the case. New smart meters are very likely to include a switch that could isolate your house, or another version to have a switch controlling a second circuit that could be isolated (for many people this would also need a partial house rewire so would not be common).

This would turn the house into an “interruptible load” that has been making the headlines, for gas, recently. The idea is that some people would sign up to a tariff that offered cheaper electricity on the understanding that you would limit your load. In periods of high demand, if you also started to use too much, you would first get a warning on the home display unit, to turn something off. If you did not, you get a final warning, and a short time later lose power.

All the load levels where this starts to happen will be controlled by the energy supplier so if and when we start to lose generating capacity, and we all continue to draw more power, and our overcrowded island gets ever more people, the individual load levels may get lower and lower. Eventually, everyone may have to have this whether they want it or not.

It just depends on how quickly the problem of increased power consumption vs reduced capacity, is sorted out.


  tonyq 11:44 15 Jan 2010

Been with O2 using there McAfee for 18 months. Had a bit of trouble installing McAfee, soon sorted with help from O2.

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