ponytail 10:53 15 Oct 2010

My wife recntly bought a notebook PC which came with a trial version of McAfee it now has eight days left to run so need to put some protection on there as that was all there was.I have a genuine McAfee software which is McAfee System Protection which is three discs which are.
Desktop & Server Anti Virus V8.0
Protection Pilot V1.1
mCafee VirusScan Enterprise V8.0

Also have another disc which is
Internet security suite.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this software and will it be ok to install it.

One other thing tried to install Microsoft Security Essentials but the installed version of McAfee was blocking it.Any advice.

  Belatucadrus 11:19 15 Oct 2010

You must uninstall the existing McAfee before attempting to install whatever replacement you select. In many cases having two antivirus programs can result in pretty horrendous system instability and lock ups, which is why many AV products include features such as McAfee has exhibited to prevent duplication.
As to "Internet Security Suite" difficult to pass comment as there are a few suppliers describing their security suite this way, who made it ?

  ponytail 11:44 15 Oct 2010

Hi Belatucarus
The internet security suite is also McAfee.
There is no other form of anti virus,firewall or anti malaware on the notebook just the McAfee

  onthelimit 12:19 15 Oct 2010

I'd uninstall using McAfee's own tool (from their website). I use Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and back it up with Spywareblaster and a scan with Malwarebytes from time to time. Total cost? Nothing.

  Belatucadrus 12:51 15 Oct 2010

As I haven't used McAfee for years I can't comment on how good any of the packages you've listed are. I would however check the age of the disks as these are not the latest versions and if they aren't fully supported by McAfee will be of limited use. In which case MSE would be the better option.

  ponytail 13:03 15 Oct 2010

Hi Again Belatucadrus,
What I have on my PC are the following.
Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
P.C.Tools Firewall plus
Perhaps I should put these on my wifes notepad after uninstalling McAfee.
What do you think would that be enough protection.

  Belatucadrus 13:21 15 Oct 2010

Seems like a plan to me, only thing I feel is that two anti spyware programs in addition to MSE is a bit of overkill, but there are many who wouldn't agree, whatever makes you happy.
I would suggest SpywareBlaster click here it's a passive no resource program that installs killbits that stop most malware from installing in the first place.

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