baldyx 22:30 20 Mar 2007

I have moved to McAfee from Norton internet security.

The McAfee is downloading update to Privacy Service almost every day I start my pc & ask me to restart the pc after download.
Is this normal or because I have it installed first time on my pc, it is catching up with the updates?

  [email protected] 22:38 20 Mar 2007

i went to kaspersky from norton as i was told it would speed my system up, it didnt and i had to reboot most days after updates, back with norton again!

  baldyx 22:47 20 Mar 2007

I am not having any problems(not yet !) with McAfee ,just that it downloads updates more frequently than Norton used to.

  Catastrophe 05:48 21 Mar 2007

Don't you get the option of rebooting or continuing with what you are doing? I just continue and leave it to next reboot.

  mike1967 06:10 21 Mar 2007

Mine asks me reboot sometimes, other times it doesn't , I suppose it depends on the update.

Virus definitions do not require a reboot.

  baldyx 13:34 22 Mar 2007

It does give the option to reboot or continue.
The updates more often downloded are for the Privacy Service.
I will continue to work after each download.


  GEEKSTA 18:04 22 Mar 2007

because you hae installed norton , are you saying you want to get rid of mcafee?

  riiverstock 21:47 22 Mar 2007

You can select just to remove the Privacy Service in Add/Remove programs.
I would as it is .......!

I only ever select Ani/v and Firewall for installation.
I even reject the Spam junk thing.

  Strawballs 22:27 22 Mar 2007

As riiverstock said I just installed anti virus and firewall the privacy service is mainly if you have kids and you set up their accounts as to their age.As my youngest is 18 I don't bother.

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