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  juedoc 17:02 09 Oct 2006

I have a problem on my PC as I keep getting a pop up from Microbillsys saying I owe £19.99 for registering with them. I havent registered for anything unless someone is playing a joke. I cant get rid of the pop up as its lock on my screen for 2 minutes. Please help me remove this as its getting really annoying now! Thanks

  Jak_1 17:15 09 Oct 2006

Use a popup blocker

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:24 09 Oct 2006

Try contacting them: click here

  region2 11:32 22 Oct 2006

My partner's Mum is 70 yr old. She certainly doesn't visit sex sites (she doesn't even shop in ASDA) so she's a bit perturbed to be seeing a bill for 20quid that locks up her PC demanding money for a sexxxpassport from MicroBillSystems (click here). In their FAQs they insist that you must have agreed to their terms and conditions before getting the bill AND that they have your IP address on the bill (they don't!). So I guess this must be a virus/trojan).

Has anyone got any thoughts on what I can do to help her out? Her PC is her only means for talking to family in NZ and she is frightened to use it now!


  Jimmy14 11:41 22 Oct 2006

Suggest you put a good anti-virus on her computer and remove the trojan if there is one. Also yaken Jak_1' advice and get a good pop-up blocker to prevent your partners mother getting the popups.

  juedoc 12:06 22 Oct 2006

Thank you for all your responses which I tried all of your suggestions. Unfortunately none of them worked and the pop up lock changed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. I had Norton Internet Security but it still managed to get through it. I tried contacting the company who have not replied to my emails. In the end I used my emergency disk to take my pc back to factory settings and started again. Touch wood I think I have finally got rid of it.

  uglyfrog 14:18 25 Oct 2006

Hi from another victim,
still dealing with it but will keep you posted.
I got advice from my internet provider, hey I was only on the phone for an hour, more than half of which was listening to the music. Reassuring advice on how to deal with it, but I'm a technophobe and I really couldn't follow the lines of advice given. Need to use an anti spyware programme to stop it coming up, so I bought one and it's worked.
I've found it useful to contact my trading standards office (try consumerdirect.gov )

  frankiegeorge 21:23 29 Oct 2006

i have had this on my computer for over a week!! its driving me mad, i dont know what to do!!
ive tried everything, every pop-up blocker and removal program going!! have also tried deleting various strings from the registry!!
would really appreciate to know if anyone knows how t get rid of it!

  fhiufhyrefyer 20:40 31 Oct 2006


I accept no repsonsibility for any damage monetry or otherwise from using the following information.

You can do all of this off line from the internet, infact i would adivse you to be DISCONNECTED when you do the following!

You need to disable an activeX control in your web browser for starters!

Ensure you are logged on as an adminstrator (in XP).

I did this on someone else computer because they started to get this and had no idea how it had started at all and the timer had got up to 9 minutes, this when the person needed to be study work for the course they were on!

I can not rember the exact names of files so please bear with me!

Goto the Tools menu and select Manage Add-ons..., this will open up an window, in here you will see a control that starts with mbs, mbs......., select it and then at the bottom click on the disable radio button.

This does not delete the item!
OK the window!

Now we need to go and see where the other items reside:

open up My Computer from the desktop!

if you can not see the windows folder in the following part, you will have to go into the Tools menu and then Folder Options, in the window that opens you need to go to the view tab. Here you need to go down and clik the radio button for "show hidden files and folders" you will find this under Hidden files and folders.

you will also need to unselect the tick box for "Hide extensions for know file types". This will allow you see the extension .exe and .dll etc for what we will be looking for in a minute!

We need to goto into the c drive, then into the windows folder, from here we go into the system32 folder(XP).

That being: C:\WINDOWS\system32

In system32 we are looking for these two files:


Click the toolbar to display the information as details instead of thumbs etc! This is important!

Note the date that these files were installed on the pc and click on the header bar to sort all of the files into date order when they were last modified.

Now look down the date column and find that date, you will see about 6 files i think, you will see the icons used by the two files above plus some others, one or two may be dll files!

NOTE ****

It is important to find the files on that date BUT ensure that the files you select all have the same TIME STAMP as mbsmon32.exe and mbsreg.exe, this will ensure you only pick the files that were installed with these two files!


note these files down and log off the computer!

Boot XP up and start pressing F8!

This will bring up a menu to boot XP in safe mode and into the all seeing administrator!

Choose to use ****** safe mode! *******

This will start and maintain a low resolution screen, this is ok.

At the log on choose the Administrator even if your user id (logon) has Admin rights!

A warning window will display on the screen, ok this and allow it fully load!

Now open my computer (or explorer) and goto the files we found earlier!

Those being in: C:\WINDOWS\system32

*** Remember the TIME STAMP ***

Select them and delete them!

Start up msconfig by going to the start button on the desktop ( bottom left) and goto run, in the box that appears, type msconfig and click ok. A window will open, goto the startup tab and untick the program identified as mbs...... ok that and allow the computer to reboot!

You can now delete the icon of the desktop and from the startup menu from the start button.

I hope this has cleared your ploblem and has been of some use!

This information has been given in good faith and it is your responsibility to do with it you see fit!

I accept no responsibility for any actions brought against you or third parties for use of the above information.

Good luck!

  Scouter 20:48 31 Oct 2006

See similar thread
click here

  nickred 16:02 04 Nov 2006

A big thank you to fhiufhyrefyer for the idiot guide that even i could follow!I have had this problem for weeks and was at the end of my tether.Tried everything to try and find it, spybot avg ewido etc, but no joy. So i tried your fix and it worked and made me slightly more confident in my limited computer skills! Topman or women,thanks again.

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