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  brocky46 22:13 23 Nov 2003

hep please
i have just bought an asus a7vxv-x m/board and a xp 2800+ . i am using an athlon 1100 in it at the moment and it runs ok but when i fitted the xp cpu after about 5 mins the power supply went dead. did the cpu do this ? i now have a q-tec 550w dual fan gold power supply. will this cure this and run ok.

  Simon_P 23:46 23 Nov 2003

The 2800+ CPU takes a lot of power 69 watt I think.

I use a Q tec 550w also with a 2800+ CPU and have no problems.

click here to run a calculation of your wattage max requirements.

If your old PSU was 300w or lower it may have been under powered

  brocky46 22:35 24 Nov 2003

hi simon
power supply was the one fitted in case when bought. think it is a 300 watt one.so i think it was cheap one.

  brocky46 22:44 24 Nov 2003

have used your link to calculate my power and it reads 293 watts. i have read that cheap power supplies are a bit lacking so you think i should install q-tec power supply and all will be ok ?
many thanks

  Simon_P 21:55 25 Nov 2003

I belive it is true that a cheap PSU may caus you problems

The 293w result that you got is a possible max, and you may not actually use that much. But is a bit close to 300w

However I think that a good quality PSU is a must these days, as like you say the included PSU will likly be a cheaper one, and a quality PSU costs more that some cases with one included.

It is posible thet your PSU just packed up for no apparent reason, this can happen.

As to whether the q tec will cure the problem. Yes if the PSU is the problem, and the q tec is good and with plenty of power.

other opinions would be helpfull

It sounds like it is a PSU problem though.

Hope this helps

  brocky46 10:02 29 Nov 2003

have fitted power supply and it running a treat now.
but got problem with p starting with no icons on screen but have found a possable solution to it

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