MBAM removed detected objects

  DAKAR 22:22 03 Sep 2013

Hi all Today I ran MBAM and it returned with a number of detected objects mainly PUP.Optional,which I Quarantined and deleted. Now I have no disc space,I have no programmes that I can remove,My restore has been suspended as there is no space.I was already down to about 1.03Gb for a long time but now I am literally down to 25 mb of space left and getting warning windows about low disc space. Any thoughts on what I could look for Regards Dakar

  lotvic 00:15 04 Sep 2013

If you have an external usb hard drive or a USB Pen Flash Drive you could move some of your personal My Docs Files and pictures to it. That would stop the low disc space warnings.

Have you emptied the Recycle Bin? and the Temp Folders? etc

If XP click on Start, Run, and type in: %Temp% and then press OK. That will open Temp folder and you can safely delete everything in there. Click on a blank part in the righthand pane then hold down Ctrl and press A ('a' not capital A) that will select all and then you can press Delete.

There might be some stubborn ones that won't delete. Don't worry about them just delete the ones that will.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:47 04 Sep 2013

"Any thoughts on what I could look for"

TreeSize Free is a useful tool that'll show you where all your hard drive has gone. When its scan has completed you'll be able to identify the largest files and folders and either delete them or move them somewhere different.

The tool itself is tiny at just 3MB, but if you don't want to install more stuff on your PC, download the ZIP version to a USB memory stick and run it from there.

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