This may be a silly question

  Graphicool1 17:58 04 Oct 2008

This may be a silly question, however : I need to reinstall my graphics card. The reason is that Windows has put it's drivers in and won't let me update them.
The question is : When I uninstall my Graphics Card will there still be a picture?

  DieSse 18:02 04 Oct 2008

"When I uninstall my Graphics Card will there still be a picture?"

If you mean physically remove it - then no, there won't be a picture. In fact you'll have nothing to connect the monitor to.

If you mean just remove the drivers - the yes, you will always get a picture, as there are very basic drivers built-in to windows to work with the most basic of monitors, and to produce a display up until proper drivers are installed.

  MarvintheAndroid 18:02 04 Oct 2008

Yes. If windows cannot find a dedicated driver, it will load default vga drivers. These may be limited in terms of the number of colours and limited screen resolution, but it is enough to run the desktop and sort things out.


  Diemmess 18:03 04 Oct 2008

Short answer- Yes

Padded out a little, will probably not differ from the state at the moment.

Are you sure you need to uninstall first?
You could try Control Panel > Hardware > Device Manager > Display.
Then right click on dispyay and choose update driver.

  Stuartli 18:18 04 Oct 2008

Normally My Computer>Explore>Properties>Hardware tab>Device Manager.

  Graphicool1 18:47 04 Oct 2008

Hi guys, yes I was only refering to removing the drivers.
I've tried the root you are talking about ie the 'Device Manager'. It just tells me it can't find anything better than I already have installed. But when I do a system check it can't find any NVIDIA Drivers on the OS. So I downloaded the latest Drivers from NVIDIA, but when I try to install them-the same thing-it can't find any NVIDIA Drivers on my OS to update. So I figure my only option is to uninstall whatever drivers are there. Put in my disc and load the original drivers, then update them with the latest ones from the net.

  Eric10 20:00 04 Oct 2008

If Windows has put its own driver in have you tried rolling back to the old driver. Device Manager, Properties of your Display adapter, Driver tab , "Roll Back Driver" button.

  dimercaprol 20:25 04 Oct 2008

I think you don't need to uninstall the windows drivers. Just put in your supplied driver disc and install the software on top of the windows generic drivers. Don't use device manager and don't try to "update" - just open the correct file on the disc and install the drivers directly.

  woodchip 20:33 04 Oct 2008

Could could try Put the correct Drivers on the Desktop. Start in Safe mode and uninstall the Windows Driver then double click on the Drivers Setup on the Desktop

  grey george 21:45 04 Oct 2008

When you try to update the drivers there should be an option to search for them or specify a location or say that you have a disc. You can then browse to your disc and update from there. What I don't understand is why windows has changed your drivers, or is it that you have only just explored what drivers are being used?

  feb 21:46 04 Oct 2008

There is no such thing as a silly question, but there are many silly answers!!

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