This may be a silly question

  ajm 18:55 11 Nov 2005

Someone bought a Dell Workstation and it had no sound card in it. If he buys a USB Speakers, will sound still be played from the USB Speakers?

  Forum Editor 19:00 11 Nov 2005

unless there's an 'Out' socket. The Dell probably has onboard sound on the motherboard - look for the output socket(s) on the back of the machine.

  MAJ 19:03 11 Nov 2005

The out socket is usually coloured green.

  phono 19:05 11 Nov 2005

If he buys the correct USB speakers he will indeed get sound without needing a soundcard or onboard sound.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 11 Nov 2005

USB speakers just use the 5v available from the USB port to work an amplifier in the speakers (saving either batteries or mainstransformer) there is a sepearte jack plug to plug into the sound output socket (green) from the PC / laptop.

Most motherboards nowadays come equipe with an onbaord sound chip (AC97).

If this is an old dell workstation from a company he may need to buy a sound card to fit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 11 Nov 2005

I'm intrigued please explain further.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 11 Nov 2005

I see click here

  phono 19:44 11 Nov 2005

Exactly, some speakers have a built in sound processor and do not require a sound card or onboard sound.

I bought a pair like this some time ago for my laptop, the sound compared to the onboard sound and speakers is amazing, no more listening to a "wasp in a tin can" for me.

  ajm 19:48 11 Nov 2005

Can you please tell us what speakers model it was and from where

  phono 16:28 12 Nov 2005

Certainly, they are SilverCrest speakers and were purchased in my local Lidl store, they come complete with a carry bag and drivers, from memory they cost around £9.99 or £12.99, can't remember which exactly.

I am sure that you could buy better, and more expensive no doubt, but I am more than happy with mine, they are a lot louder and the bass is a lot better than the onboard sound/speakers.

You can check them out at this link, click here they are item number two, Typhoon notebook USB speakers.

Unfortunately the site is in german, you may find an english link somewhere.

  bremner 16:31 12 Nov 2005

maplins have them click here

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