maxtor one touch usb hard drive 200gig

  madPentium 23:59 28 Nov 2004

I purchased this drive online through ebuyer and as usual i get the rogue one in stock. After a few weeks the transfer rate went down to 1.1mbs.
I emailed maxtor several times and they requested I run some diagnostics and send them the results. They are going to change the drive direct, just post and packing to pay for. Thumbs up to Maxtor, what a great service. The whole problem was resolved in 2 days and my new drive came in 5 working days.
So I now recommend Maxtor to anyone

  Rtus 00:08 29 Nov 2004

nice to see theyre keeping up the Good service..however same can be said for seagate & Western digital

  cdb 00:18 29 Nov 2004

I was looking at one of these, does it work like a normal HD ie you can save what and when you want, or does it only work as a full back up for your pc?

  stlucia 09:18 29 Nov 2004

cdb, Windows sees it as just another drive, so you don't have to use the backup software that comes with it. I normally use Windows Explorer.

  madPentium 10:22 29 Nov 2004

It comes as one full partition as fat32 so I
recommend re-partitioning as say 80 80 & 40 and
as NTFS for better stability.
But yes as stlucia says, it sees it as another
hard drive which you can use the same as an internal one. I just install the drivers for windows and not the backup software as I use norton ghost and burn an image to dvd.
The only drawback is backing up this huge drive, I had 160gig of data on it which meant connecting several smaller smaller internal drives in my case to back it all up and at 1.1mbs transfer rate (due to the unusual fault) it took quite a long time, 2 days in total.
Maybe I should buy another one of these drives to use as a backup lol

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