Maxtor HDD compatability

  slangley 11:52 15 Dec 2005

Need a new hard drive but not sure whether the one i've seen is right for my motherboard. HDD drive is 80GB maxtor diamondplus 9 ATA-133 and motherboard is ASUS A7V266-E (chipset KT266A). Also anyone used

  CLONNEN 12:18 15 Dec 2005

Depends what connection you have on your motherboard connectors - IDE or SATA

If your PC is a few years old it will have IDE.

Newer systems may have SATA.

Open up your PC and see which type your current hard drive is using.

  slangley 12:26 15 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply. PC made at the end of 2001. i think it is an IDE cable but not completely sure (only a beginner!).

  DieSse 12:33 15 Dec 2005

*i think it is an IDE cable but not completely sure*

For absolute sure it will be an IDE connector.

The drive you have selected looks fine for a motherboard of this age.

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