maxtor HD installation

  Ramification 21:47 27 Feb 2004

ok,reagarding adding a 160gb maxtor hd/ ive got it.. almost! i can make my new hd one partition of 160gb but it says i would have data loss so to make it 137gb. so i have. now it shows as 127 (ok) so, can i create another partition somehow?
xp/slave drive/have maxblast

  BBez 21:54 27 Feb 2004

what OS are you running. If it's 2000/XP, you can try "Admin Tools", "Computer Management" then double click on the "Storage / "Disk Management(local)"" option in the right half of the window that pops up. If the extra space is detected by windows, you can click on the "unallocated space" part of the graphical display and right click to create a partition. If Windows don't pick it up you may either need a BIOS update for your board or Drive Overlay Software from Maxtor's site...

  Ramification 22:01 27 Feb 2004

ok thanks, cant see no "unallocated space" so i'll do the maxtor Drive Overlay dl.
ps: do i need to format the disc too?

  Djohn 22:10 27 Feb 2004

Yes, you will need to format the disk for it to be recognised. From disk management, right click on the drive and format. Seeing it's a new drive do the full format it will take 20-40 minutes, maybe a little longer but is better because it will check the disk for any faults. After the first format you can in future choose the quick format, this is done in less than a minute. j.

  Ramification 22:31 27 Feb 2004

i installed maxblast- this is an overlay tool isnt it? this was done first. how do i go about updating bios? set to auto detect and master/slave

  Djohn 22:57 27 Feb 2004

Sorry Ramification, I was looking at another thread. Don't do a BIOS flash unless you have to. Format the drive first and see how that goes. If you do need to update the BIOS then someone will advise you further on this.

Although I have read the guide on how to update and it seems straightforward I havn't done it myself and if you go wrong you may completely damage your board. j.

  Ramification 23:24 27 Feb 2004

thanks j .its formatted at 128gb. so how do i partition the rest seperate as required? or is there something else i need to do?

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