maxtor HD installation

  Ramification 14:46 26 Feb 2004

ive just bout 120gb maxtor hd, and ive already got a 75gb maxtor in my pc. ive secured the new drive in place and used the second connector from the 75gb hd to connect my 120gb hd up.(is this right?!) ive put in the power cable, downloaded the file from maxtor website, but when i boot up pc, it bleeps, and doesnt show the new hd on my computer. any ideas? my pc is less than 12months old, and im on xp pro. thanks

  wildrover 14:54 26 Feb 2004

Have you set the jumper on the second drive to slave?
If so, and you can confirm all cables connected correctly, try going into BIOS and ensuring the BIOS recognises the HD - usually by 'enter' on the drive.

  Ramification 14:57 26 Feb 2004

how do i set the jumper on the second drive ?

  Ramification 14:58 26 Feb 2004

confirmed. all cables connected correctly..

  Gongoozler 15:02 26 Feb 2004

Is the new drive recognised in BIOS? To see this you may need to press the Delete key while your computer is booting up.

  wildrover 15:06 26 Feb 2004

have a look in the manual, or on the drive itself. There is a series of pins (near to where the cables fit in. The exact position of the jumper is indicated by 's' in a series of letters: 'm'(master) 's'(slave) and 'c' (cable-select). there will be some indication on either the drive, or in the manual (or both) where the jumper should go. Also, your original drive will need to be set to master (it probably is already!)

  wildrover 15:17 26 Feb 2004

Have a look click here for pictures. Find your drive and look for 'jumper settings' in one ot he drop-down lists.

  SEASHANTY 15:22 26 Feb 2004

Maxtor Hard Drive jumper connections pdf document on the Maxtor website
click here

  shando34 15:24 26 Feb 2004

I had the same problem dude, I fitted a 200Gb Maxtor HD as a slave drive and it still wouldn't recognise it. Eventually I sussed out that I had to enter the BIOS settings manually. All the details I neded were in the manual for the Hard Disc which I d'ld from the Maxtor site.

  Ramification 16:13 26 Feb 2004

thanks guys, ive sussed the jumper probs, and i dl'd some files from maxtor, onto a floppy as requested, but when i boot up now it asks for the floppy then 'maxtor' sign comes up on screen, then it says some files are missing . tried another floppy and same thing happened... will keep tryin.. will be back as i have a class now. any more ideas please put them down! thanks again :)

  Ramification 16:16 26 Feb 2004

oh yeah, shando, is your system faily new? should i need to edit bios? should i try?!

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