jaraba 15:54 22 Jul 2004

I am condisering buying a Maxtor DiamondMax 120gb drive & would appreciate any comments on how good/bad they may be.

  dave_the_red 16:06 22 Jul 2004

I have bought an 8ogb Version. Diamond max9 if i remember correctly. Very impressed with it, it is very quick and quiet compared to my old hard drive.


  SANTOS7 16:11 22 Jul 2004

i have a maxtor 40gig HDD i use as a slave for backups and stuff, its an OK piece of kit.

  Djohn 16:15 22 Jul 2004

I have 2 Maxtor Diamondmax 9 drives 80gb each. Super drives, very quiet and fast.

  mast 16:21 22 Jul 2004

I have pought and used two Maxtor drives of different sizes - not as big as 120 though. However, in all case I have been very pleased with the performance and ease with whic they were fitted and formatted.


  seedie 16:29 22 Jul 2004

I pulled a Packard bell 'puter off a skip the other day. It's 9years old and the Maxtor drive works perfectly. Had to change the floppy and CDrom drives 'cause of all the builders dust.

Hope this helps :)


  SANTOS7 16:32 22 Jul 2004

way to go seedie budget computing at its best!!

  accord 16:39 22 Jul 2004

click here for more responses on this forum. its the same hard drive as yours i believe.

  Djohn 16:45 22 Jul 2004

If I remember correctly from the documentation, Diamondmax use 40gb platters so an 80gb drive will have just the one platter with two heads. [One on top the other underneath]. This is useful to remember when partitioning for example.

Your 120 will have two platers but only three seek heads, the first platter will have two heads as above, the second will have just the one head reading 40gb.

Seeing as you will have the underneath of the platter doing nothing, it may be a good idea to price the difference of a 160gb drive to gain the extra seek head and use the underneath side of the platter that is already there.

  bretsky 16:49 22 Jul 2004

I have exactly what you are enquiring about, I have had it for about 18 months now,it was easy to install and I have portioned off to make 3 drives.

If you buy the boxed version it comes with maxBlast3 installation software CD and manual which is a doddle to use.

It's very quick and very quite!!

Note,if you are going to use in conjunction with an existing hd, make sure you have SP1 (if xp) because your mobo will not recognise any data past 137gb (137gb bios barrier)all this is explained in the manual.

Further details click here

bretsky ;0)

  Chegs ® 17:00 22 Jul 2004

I have an 15Gb 7200rpm IDE,its brilliant.I have also got 2x120Gb SATA hdd's,they have been a real pain.I have just spent the last 48Hrs reinstalling XP onto them,they are supposed to be faster than IDE but this is only true in windows,it takes hours to format a 10Gb partition,and I gave up waiting for DI to reinstall an image(Caldera DOS)as having waited on a previous occasion for 4 hours it then locked up completely with 2% left to do.

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