Maxtor Hard Drive

  Irishman 22:42 10 Mar 2004

Evening all, I have just got the above hard drive from Dabs, 80 gig, 8 mb buffer, model number 6Y080P0. I installed it first as a slave drive using Maxblast3 running as a floppy and then copied my XP Pro installation over to it. It is recognised in device manager as the correct model and also in My Computer but each time I boot up I get the Found New Hardware Wizard asking if I want to install the hard drive. I have tried connecting to the net in the hope that it will find drivers and install them but no joy and anyway if it is recognised in Device Manager why does this wizard come up? Formatting it within Windows and then reinstalling XP makes no difference.

Apart from that it is very noisy, certainly a lot more than the Seagate it is replacing. Anybody any experience of these drives?

  Djohn 22:58 10 Mar 2004

Irishman Not sure of the answer to the first part of your question but regarding the noise. I have two of these drives same size as yours, they are whisper quiet. [Fluid bearings]

I can literally put my ear next to the case and the only thing I hear is the soft swish of air from the exhaust fan at the rear of the PC.

When the drives are being written to/read from you need to look at the drive lights flashing to be certain they are working. j.

  Djohn 23:00 10 Mar 2004

Is the drive recognised in your BIOS as the slave drive?

  Irishman 23:07 10 Mar 2004

Hmmm methinks it got shook about a bit in the back of a Parcelforce van. It,s been a long time since I heard a drive make as much noise as this one, in fact I have two Western Digital drives from 10 years ago that are quieter! It's set as master now and yes it's recognised as such in the bios. I think it might be going back to where it came from.

  smudge101 23:07 10 Mar 2004

I take it that you are running the Maxtor as master and have your old drive as slave?
If so are they both connected on the same IDE?
If they are, check your jumper settings and make sure your slave is exactly that and not on cable select.
If they are on the same IDE you could swap the order that the cable goes to them (I hope that makes sense).
If you still have the problem try going in to computer management/disk management and check that the maxtor is set as primary.
Hope this helps.

  Djohn 23:13 10 Mar 2004

Just remembered but can't find the thread. Some months back another forum member had the same or similar problem with his new Maxtor drive. His also was making a loud noise, I believe he sent it back and the replacement worked perfectly also very quiet as it should be.

Good luck with the return, hope it goes smoothly for you. Regards. j.

  Irishman 23:17 10 Mar 2004

The old drive has been taken out and the jumper set to master on the Maxtor. I have even changed the cable itself and have left the Maxtor as the only drive on that cable. Disc Management shows it as a primary drive. It's got me beat!

  Irishman 23:18 10 Mar 2004

Thanks Djohn, I will email Dabs tonight.

  woodchip 23:19 10 Mar 2004

It's the worst thing you can do to run MaxBlast, as you are using Disc Drive Overlay Software. that creates its own boot system, instead of fat. Your best bet is remove the software with MaxBlast then us ether Partition Magic or Acronis to partition and format your drive. Or FDISC free on Win98 Floppy disc but not as user friendly from click here

  Migwell 23:27 10 Mar 2004

What op system are you using? If it is XP yoy can format the partition from the instalation setup. Why are you using fat32 you should be using NTFS as this is far more efficiant.

  woodchip 23:31 10 Mar 2004

He's not using fat32 he is using MaxBlast3, it's Maxtor's own filing system

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