Maxtor external USB2 drive.

  prince midas 11:55 18 Jan 2005

My Maxtor 40g external drive purchased from PCWorld 12 months ago with a 2 year guarantee.
When the drive stopped working correctly and came up with an error messsage which meant it could not handle the income from my harddrive.
I went into PCWorld and was told to get in touch with Maxtor which I did by email.
It is now 2 weeks since Maxtor sent me a questioner which all it was doing was asking me if I had connected the external hard drive to the USB2 port which I did 12 months ago. I am still awaiting a desision from them. Surely when you get a 2 year guarantee Maxtor should honour the guarantee without all this trouble & replace the drive. Your comments please.

  Completealias 12:11 18 Jan 2005

I agree if the drive is at fault then they should refund or replace without any fuss but they will want to verify that is its a prob with there hardware first a pain I know but thats how it is. Maybe its time to start emailing them on a daily basis too often companys are willing to forget there customers don't let them. Maybe this thread is more one for the consumerwatch forum good luck

  961 12:12 18 Jan 2005

Complain again to PCWorld. Your contract is with them and although they may refer you to the manufacturer because in many cases this results in a speedier solution, things are evidently not going that way here

  prince midas 15:30 20 Jan 2005

When I went back to PCWorld they told me that they only give a 28 day guarantee which is their normal practice & the manufacturer Maxtor give a 12 month guarantee from date of purchase. This means I have all the hassle of returning to Maxtor in Ireland after answering dozens of questions they have asked me by email. I borrowed a friends external drive & it worked fine on my PC proving the fault is in the Maxtor External drive.

  SEASHANTY 15:45 20 Jan 2005

See the DTI fact sheet on the sale of goods Act
click here

  hommo 15:47 20 Jan 2005

Don,t listen to what PC WORLD tells you, i had a problem with DIXONS trying the same excuse when a graphx card went haywire in my desk top, after going to the citizens advice, and a bit of help from PC ADVISOR i got the store to take the machine back in a TAXI, which DIXONS PAID FOR AND HAD £45 SENT TO ME FOR MY TROUBLES.

  961 17:06 20 Jan 2005

PC World staff are spinning you a yarn. Your contract is with them and they have an obligation to honour the warranty and to arrange for the repair or replacement

e-mail the customer services manager at [email protected] or, preferably, write by special delivery to Customer Contact, PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA

Alternatively write complaining to the Chief Exec of Dixons plc (John Clare?) at their registered office which is, I believe, in Hemel Hempstead

If you wish you could also pursue via the trading standards office of your local council

  prince midas 10:07 21 Jan 2005

Maxtor have now agreeed to replace the drive. Thanks guys for all your help which was much appreciated.

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