Maxtor External HDD back up

  Robert-272781 09:55 01 Aug 2004

I want to buy a back up solution for my PC now that I am storing photos on it. Maxtor seems a good solution to me.

My question is, if I have a 120Gb internal HDD in my PC do I need a 120Gb external drive (£100 at or would it be more sensible to buy a bigger one i.e. the 250Gb at £150 in order to future proof?

Any advice gratefully received.


  User-312386 10:03 01 Aug 2004

Buy another internal HDD, a lot cheaper

If you can afford it, go for the largest HDD

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 01 Aug 2004

If your backing up pictures why not burn to CD or DVD?

  User-312386 10:14 01 Aug 2004


After a number of years we are now finding that CDR's are becoming unreadable

I don't believe that nowadays you can afford(not in cost) to back up all your pictures to CD

I have 2GB of work pictures taken over the years and approximately 1GB of personal pictures

I used to have to back them all up to CD-R

I then went to find a photo a few weeks ago and found the disc was unreadable

I understand that HDD's can fail, however, if you have a copy on 1 hard drive and the origanl on the other, the likelihood of both drives failing at the same time is remote

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:37 01 Aug 2004

Internal backup HDs are lunacy. You need an external HD and 100Gb will be more than enough. 100Gb is an enormous amount of info (2000 Cds recorded in WAV standard). You can always buy another HD if you ever fill 100Gbs.


  jack 14:23 01 Aug 2004

an external HDD is a good way and I am moving that way my self now after finding that
A As doctor Bob A pix Cd has failed and a measure of valuable [to me] stuff is lost.
An added insternal drive may not be possible,
My Mobo has 2 ISA slots both fully occupied.
I looked into ATA/Raid and this forum almost immesiatelt[This week] was full of woes with drivers and all that stuff.

So having then consulted with a friend in the Movie/video Industry - I am going USB/Firewire External.

  jack 17:52 01 Aug 2004

I think I have found the answer.
How about an HDD of infinite capacity for less than £60 [Well nearly]

My favourite store has got the solution
A USB Hardrive Caddy simply plug it in the a USB port and the caddy will take any Bare harddrive.

go to click here
and take a look in their bargin basement

I've ordered mine

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:15 01 Aug 2004

External caddys for any HD are much cheaper at Ebay and others for around £19-£24.


  Robert-272781 18:59 01 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone for the advice - really appreciated. I'm going to go for the external HDD as it is an easy option.


  jack 12:13 02 Aug 2004

Now you tell me!
I shall have to look into this e-bay thingy I thought it was auctions!
Or if I am looking for something else I shall ask
GANDALF <|:-)> first
Now what about filling this very expensive caddy?
160 Gbyite for a tenner anyone????????

  jack 14:13 04 Aug 2004

Hello Bob
As mentioned earlier I ordered a drive caddy on Sunday.
It came yesterday[Tues]
A Simple clamshell device with a circuit board and power supply inside together with the normal power plug and data -plug.
Also two cables -power and USB and 2 sets of software.
I rummidged in my junk box[ useful things these]
and extracted an ancient 2Gbyte drive. plugged it in to the box. plugged the box to power and PC
and XP Pro said - 'Look drive K' just like that.

The software is a bit of a problem it shut the
my machine up on reboot today although it worked fine yesterday and I have had to Restore
to Monday. So if you can run with out the software XP/2000 will.
Good luck

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