Maxtor external hd not recognised

  Fay2 20:30 26 Jun 2007

My external hard drive has no on/off switch so I usually pull the lead out when not in use. I've just plugged it in but for some reason it is not being recognised. The light is on but flashing, which it usually doesn't.
Can anyone please suggest what could be the matter.

  Technotiger 20:42 26 Jun 2007

Hi, only guessing, but perhaps when you unplugged your drive it may still have been 'reading' data, in which case you may have unwittingly corrupted the data on the drive and it is now trying to read the data but can't. I am very surprised that it has no on/off switch/button?

  Technotiger 20:44 26 Jun 2007

PS - flashing light usually means 'data being read' ...

  Fay2 20:48 26 Jun 2007

Thanks Techno ..... yes I thought it may be reading but it was taking too long.......anyway the light's gone out now, so there's no response at all...... Will it right itself or have I lost everything on the drive? ...... great completely dead now

  Fay2 20:56 26 Jun 2007

Great Techno ...... it's just come back to life ..... gonna get everything off.... I don't trust the blooming thing ..... they're very temperamental .... think I'll stick to CDs.

Thanks again for replying

  Technotiger 22:26 26 Jun 2007

Sorry I've been away. I have two external hard drives, they've never let me down yet. Both have on/off buttons, but I only turn them off AFTER I have shut down my PC at night - I turn them on BEFORE I start-up my PC each morning. IMHO they are more reliable than CDs/DVDs.

  woodchip 22:44 26 Jun 2007

If you pull the plug while its reading writting data will get corrupted. It's not the drive it the way you use it. You need to go to My computer with Disc Connected the choose Disc Check from tools For that Drive

  [email protected] 22:50 26 Jun 2007

i have a maxter one and find it odd there is no power switch, had it 8 months never turned it off, it says it uses almost no power in idle and causes no wear and makes no noise because it uses an air bearing, i always make sure remove hardware says ok before i remove it when the pc is turned on.
agree with woodchip run checkdsk on it

  Fay2 10:19 27 Jun 2007

Sorry I got called away ..... I did post before I left but it doesn't seem to appear on the forum.
Yes I didn't realise it had no on/off switch until after I'd bought it. If I don't pull the plug, it's on, even after I switch off the computer. I went on the Seagate site last night as there was no clear instructions with it, they're on the website (something else I didn't realise). It explains the on/off procedure.

Anyway you're all right..... I've been pulling the plug while the computer is on, only hope I haven't done any permanant damage as I've had it for over a year. I only use it to keep my internal drives free from clutter so if I want anything off, I'll have to remember to switch the computer off before I plug it in.

Thanks to you all for replying

  [email protected] 11:47 27 Jun 2007

click here*&p_li=&p_topview=1

  Fay2 12:36 27 Jun 2007

Yes adman, that is what I was reading last night, it didn't explain the 'powering down' in the instructions that came with the hd.

It's the 'extended periods of time' that I was interested in because I only use it as a backup to keep my internal drives empty and my 'puter faster.

I didn't like leaving the light on for weeks at a time when I wasn't using it.

Thankyou very much for all your help, hopefully I wont have any problems in the future.

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