Maxtor Ext. H.Drive suddenly needs drivers??

  buel 20:21 05 Apr 2009

Hi, iv been using a 250Gb Maxtor external Hard Drive for about 9 months now and have never needed any drivers for it as it was sold as 'plug and play' but all of a sudden my computers aren't recognising it and are asking me to install the cd that came with it- No cd came with this!! Has anyone any idea how i can fix this? And why this has happened?

  Terry Brown 20:46 05 Apr 2009

It could be that the Drive has developed a fault, can you try it on another machine?.

If you have the operating system CD (XP or Vista), put the Cd in the drive and from run enter sfc /scannow

This will run the Windows diagnosic routine and it will copy any files / drivers it requires from the CD.

After this it should find the drive (Asuming there is not a fault).

  buel 21:03 05 Apr 2009

Hi, so the Windows cd will contain the drivers for the Maxtor external hard drive?

  woodchip 21:58 05 Apr 2009

Is this a USB drive? if it is then XP should load drivers. Try this remove all USB Hardware, turn off Computer and Remove all power. That means 13am plug and any battery's Press and Hold the Start Button for 30 seconds, then start the computer as normal and plug the drive in after windows as loaded

  buel 22:01 05 Apr 2009

Hi again, yes it is a usb hard drive but it also has it's own power supply, i shall try what you said...

  Stuartli 00:37 06 Apr 2009

Apparently some people have cured a similar problem by disabling the Firewire 1394 connection under Network Connections in Control Panel and Rebooting.

Another possibility is that the external drive has, for some reason, been assigned a new Drive letter; if you have a multi-mode memory card reader this might be the cause if it is plugged in/unplugged on occasions.

It could also be worthwhile checking that all USB2.0 ports are Enabled in the Bios.

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