Maxtor Basic 160 Confused

  hallgreen 18:27 02 Aug 2008


I have bought a portable Maxtor Basic 160 (I think it's called I'm not very good with computers) and backed up all my files (about 10GB) by selecting back up on Windows XP.

I'm confused as to how I view/manage the files on the Maxtor. When I right click on the Maxtor icon it shows 10GB used but I can't understand how to open those files. There is an icon within the Maxtor called "back up" but everytime I try to open it it pings and says create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel.

There is alos something that runs along the top of the screen "Folders" which shows all the folders when you click it but I think these are the original folders not the back ups as when I delete something from the computer it disappears from this list as well.

I'm very confused!

Thanks very much.

  bretsky 19:44 02 Aug 2008

Did you use this click here to perform your back up?

bretsky ;0)

  hallgreen 19:47 02 Aug 2008


Yes I did use that to back it up to the E (maxtor) drive. I clicked "back everything up" as I only had about 10 Gb of files and the Maxtor was 160GB.

  bretsky 19:58 02 Aug 2008

Basically the backup utility backs up all your data to a compressed single file which has the file extn .bkf so that in an disaster you can restore all your data in tact to a desired destination. So you cannot look at individual files I'm afraid. you need to assess what sort of back up you require.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 20:15 02 Aug 2008

Forgot to mention, if you go to page two of my link, you can see just what sort of backups can be achieved, so its no good trying to double click the file as you need to use the restore wizard should a problem arise, say a system crash etc.

bretsky ;0)

  hallgreen 21:04 02 Aug 2008

Thanks for the help. I didn't realise it worked like that! There doesn't even seem to be a way of deleting what's on the maxtor. I suppose what I do is delete it on the computer and then do another back up if I want to get rid of "out of date files"

  bretsky 23:43 02 Aug 2008

Or use one of these to clean your maxtor click here

bretsky ;0)

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