Maximum Hard Drive

  gill 15:17 06 Sep 2004

Hi all,
it would appear that my hard drive is on the way out and I am trying to find out what the maximum H/D size I can replace it with. My mother board is "Elite K7S5A". There is nothing in the handbook to indicate the maximum size and I have failed to come up with anything on the internet.
If anyone has any idea's they wuld be most welcome. Many thanks Gill.

  johnsims 15:35 06 Sep 2004

Any size you care to throw at it. If you have Windows XP and have not installed SP1 then there is a windows limitation in that it will not be able to see any more than 137Gb.

The motherboard will not limit the disk siae you can have.

  gill 17:12 06 Sep 2004

Thanks for the advice. At the moment I have two separate 40 gig drives.The new drive will replace the dodgy one of these.Does this mean that as one of the 40 gig HD's will be staying that any further HD will have to be under a 100 gig? Incidently I shall be installing Win XP onto the new drive, how do I go about installing SP1 to accept the new drive and can I download SP1 before I start? Thanks again. gill

  Dorsai 17:47 06 Sep 2004

Does this mean that as one of the 40 gig HD's will be staying that any further HD will have to be under a 100 gig?

No, but it does mean that if you get a drive bigger that 137Gb, in and of itself, regardless of the other drives, you fill need to partition it, into two or more parts, each less than 137Gb.

  bremner 19:52 06 Sep 2004

...only if you do not install XP SP1.

If you are making a purchase now of XP then it will have at least SP1 and probably SP2 included.

If it is not a new copy then when installed allow Windows to automatically update to SP2, this will include the SP1 updates as well.

  johnsims 19:57 06 Sep 2004

Bremner is right on the money. If it is a pre SP1 copy of XP, just install it, XP will only see the first 137Gb, but as soon as you install SP1 (or SP2) XP will automatically "see" the whole disk.

  gill 21:50 06 Sep 2004

Thank you all for your first class advice.What would I do without this forum? I think I now know what to do.Thanks again Gill

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