Maximum CPU for HP 7916

  [DELETED] 23:39 14 Dec 2003

I have a HP Pavilion 7916 with a Socket 370 1.2GHz Celeron CPU.
It has a ASUS Motherboard with a Processor Front Side Bus Frequency of 133/100/66MHz and a Intel i815B-step chipset.
I would like to upgrade the CPU but can not find out max. size & type, can anyone help please ?

  [DELETED] 01:32 15 Dec 2003

click here

Seems that you have a Intel 815b

I would guess that you cant really upgrade much from what you have, although i could be wrong.....

  sil_ver 01:32 15 Dec 2003

you will need to identify your ASUS mobo model number and then go to their website and check for upgrade info

  [DELETED] 22:20 17 Dec 2003

After checking with HP looks like I am stuck with a 1.2 Celeron on that PC, thanks Pilch & sil_ver

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