maximising the full memory on 120gb drive

  Eggshell 21:15 02 Dec 2003

I am booting up a new computer with win 98. It is only recognising 52gb of the 120gb on the drive. What am I ommiting to do?

  powerless 21:38 02 Dec 2003

Hard drive is made by who?'s because of Windows 98 FAT32 limitations.

  byfordr 23:48 02 Dec 2003

I had similar problems with a 200gb drive.

This was because it was not supported. I solved this by running "big drive enabler" (a Maxtor product) which modified the bios to accept the large sized drive. Installing SP1 (I'm using xp)
Then using Partition Magic 8 to pick up the capacity on the drive that was not recognized by xp.

I seem to remember that there was limited sized hd supported back in the days of 98 but I can't remember correctly. I'm sure someone might be able to advise.

It might help to advise what you are running. Ie hard drive manufacturer. What motherboard, what bios etc.


  DieSse 00:03 03 Dec 2003

click here

You fdisked it with an old version of fdisk, which shows the drive capacity as the real capacity less 68GB (ie 52Gb in your case).

The solution is to get the new version of fdisk, or to enter the partition as a % of the full space when running fdisk.

  Eggshell 20:49 03 Dec 2003

the fdisk seemed to have a limit of 52.5 gb. I partitioned C: at 20gb and fdisk showed D: at 32+gb. However when I formated D: all the 97+gb of the HD reappeared. Thank you all for your help.

  DieSse 21:05 03 Dec 2003

"the fdisk seemed to have a limit of 52.5 gb"

fdisk that comes with win98 has this limit - it's a known problem. The fdisk that comes with later versions (ME) has the problem fixed. If you want to use the later fixed version, you can download it by following the link on here click here;EN-US;263044

If you're happy with what you have fine - if you want to fix it to work correctly - follow the link to the download as above.

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