Novis 12:42 21 Jun 2003

I have a Compaq Presario 3060 on with a 2G hard drive and only 24 MB of RAM. Freeram running on the Quich Launch bar tells me at start up that I have only 7 MB free.

I'm able to run programmes in Windows 98 without a problems but I'm concerned to maximise the potential of the machine.

I've deleted the redundant shortcuts from my deesktop; however, what is the most efficient way of utilising my programmes and the efficiency of my machine?

a) What shortcuts can I lose from the desktop - which are essential? (see b, below)

b) are they more efficiently stored on the Start menu - ir is that the same as having them as ikons on the desktop?

c) Does having shortcuts on the taskbar and in the Quick Launch area the same as on the desktop, using just as much RAM?

d) at what level should the amount of RAM available be a worry likely to cause the system to crash?

f) any advice about the problem - things I should know about?

e) having accidentally deleted the FreeRam ikon fron the Quick Launch bar how can I get it back again: do I have to re-install FreeRam?

Thanks - Novis.

  barrie_g 13:02 21 Jun 2003

With only a maximum total of 24mb of ram, I'm afraid that there is not much that can be done to ensure that you do not suffer crashes etc, and deleting shortcuts may free up the odd byte or two of ram but I dont think that there is anything you can do that will make much of a difference.

Though I'm sure that some of the older people on here who have been using computers for a lot longer than I have may have some suggestions.

  Pesala 21:20 21 Jun 2003

Several members have recommeded it.

Cacheman (852 K) click here Memory manager

  Pesala 12:34 25 Jun 2003

Select Cacheman 5.11, zip or exe

  Novis 14:24 25 Jun 2003

Thanks - I' give it a try.

What's it do - in layman's terms?

  Belatucadrus 17:50 25 Jun 2003

In laymans terms much the same as FreeRAM so I don't think there is much point in your loading Cacheman Novis, two cache managers would probably conflict and be counterproductive. Windows isn't very good at managing memory use, Cacheman and FreeRAM are both designed to optimise usage.

I'm assuming click here this is the Freeram you refered to.

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