maximise efficiency: advice wanted

  RobberBaron 16:10 23 Jan 2003
  RobberBaron 16:10 23 Jan 2003

I am a novice user who wants to maximise the efficiency of my b>Compaq Presario 3060 /b> which I’ve been struggling with for the past three years. Apparently cannot be upgraded. It has a Pentium processor with MMX; 200mh; 24 MB of Ram and a 2 GB hard drive which is partitioned.

I use it mainly for Word applications as well as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. I also run Power Desk 4; Norton Anti-Virus; Powerbook 4 and Internet Cleanup. I am intending to change from ’95 to Windows 98. How can I maximise this usage by deleting shortcuts, rationalising the start-up menu &c ? I would like faster boot-up and programme loading. Thanks.

  BrianW 16:56 23 Jan 2003

You may be better staying with Win95. I have a feeling that you are running very close to the minimum spec for Win98 - particularly your RAM (24 mb of RAM is the absolute minimum recommended by Microsoft. You can speed up your boot up by reducing the number of programmes in your Start menu. Defragmenting your hard drive should spped up your programme loading and data access. If you can find a way of getting more RAM in this would help as well - but I think you may have difficulty in getting any these days, If you can get more RAM installed then try E-Bay as a source

  Novis 13:14 24 Jan 2003

Hmn ... the outlook seems bleak, I know: thanks for this BrianW. Anyone else have other ideas? RB

  Djohn 13:27 24 Jan 2003

Agree with BrianW, there is nothing to be gained by upgrading to 98 with the specs of your sys. and much to lose.

win 95 is a good O/S and as above trimming the amount of programs running at the same time will help a lot.

If you close all your background programs, except for, explorer, sys. tray, and anti virus, then you will notice a difference.

With 95, if you open a program to use, and you know that you will be using it again later in the day, it will be better to minimise it to the task bar rather than close it, as each time you open the same prog. it will hold onto a bit of memory.

  flecc 13:42 24 Jan 2003

The only change you can make to improve it would be to use a faster browser INSTEAD of Internet Explorer, not as well as. If you added IE rather than having it included in the first place (Windows 95C) you can uninstall it without the utilities below.

If you go to click here , you can get IEradicator or 98Lite free which will remove IE and then you could use the Opera browser. A very small number of sites don't accept Opera, but they are mainly security intensive ones like the Banks.

Alternatively, if you use Netscape 7 it will replace Outlook Express as well as IE.

  Belatucadrus 15:09 24 Jan 2003

After three years reformating is probably the best way of speeding things up click here for an acrobat download on how to if you're unsure. If you don't want to go that far, there are a couple of free downloads that could help click here startup control panel is a small application that gives you control of what starts in boot up. click here JV16 is the best registry cleaner you can get. click here Empty temp folders should help clear any accumulated debris. Beyond these it could be worth looking to add to your RAM, but I suspect that you'll find that expensive unless somebody is clearing out some old kit.

  Novis 16:44 25 Jan 2003

Computer Shopper in their current [Mar 2003] issue features on spring cleaning your PC with stuff on a free CD that may help to maximise its efficiency.

  woodchip 16:53 25 Jan 2003

You can improve your start menu like this, right click on start choose open, double click on Programs so you can see all the folders you can then right click empty space in there and choose create new folder choose a name that suites the purpose like Photo Edit you can then drag other shortcuts or folders into that folder, same with Office put all Office items in a Office folder

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