Maxblast version 3.6 help needed

  popgeorge 13:21 15 Aug 2003

P.Bell P4 1.7 Using Millennium edition.
I appear to have successfully connected a Maxtor 80gb hard drive as a slave to my existing 40gb, the Devise Manager can see a second Generic disc 47. I have been trying to use Maxblast version 3.6 software and instructions from the suppliers web site. To format, partition and eventually copy the operating system from the master disc, to slave and then manually change them over and reset master and slave...So far using the Maxtor soft ware I have downloaded maxblast.exe to my 40gb hard drive and created a floppy disc as instructed. Re booted and using the floppy have create a F drive with a Dir with list of files...No further instructions are given so I cannot find how to proceed. CD's are mentioned in the user manual and I think I might have missed the point, that I should have bought these?. I can think of several other ways to reach my target but this seemed to be the easiest. Can anyone advise me on the use of the Maxtor method. I do seem to be missing Maxblast.exe in the program files?

  -pops- 13:27 15 Aug 2003

"I can think of several other ways to reach my target but this seemed to be the easiest"

I think you're proving this isn't the easiest!

I'd try one of your other ways.

  popgeorge 13:57 15 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help PoP is made my day?

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