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max length fo usb cable, and what is this name?

  Anon-2455870 12:31 23 Jan 2020

Maximum length of USB extension cable? (For USB 2.0) I run the USB cable away from the machine and plug it in something to the other end. How long can a maximum cable be and how it's called officially when abroad would I like to order it (because maybe it's cheaper)?

  Anon-276328 14:21 23 Jan 2020

16 feet is considered to be the maximum but you can extend it by plugging the "cold" end into a powered hub where you can plug in a further 16 foot cable. You can extend using further hubs to a maximum of 5 hubs.

  Anon-518149 08:23 24 Jan 2020

Or you can get extension cables with built in amplification see here

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