Max file size for Win Me

  billy 16:12 02 May 2004

After some advice here I beleive I need a card with TV-in socket to get video into my PC so I can record. I hae also been told that a 3 hour VHS tape comes out at 40-40G on the hard dissk. So as well as getting the card it sounds like I need a new hard disk. Not too bad, bnut I have int eh back of my mind that Win Me will not handle a file that big. Anyone know if this is right?

  LastChip 16:21 02 May 2004

It's not so much ME, but the file system that ME uses; FAT32. This limits a maximum single file to 4GB.

In order to get the sort of file sizes you require, you need to use the file system NTFS, which is available on Windows NT (not really viable for home use), Windows 2000 or XP.

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