Max. file size for Outlook Express?

  nick_j007 21:31 09 Oct 2004

Hi all,

To my surprise I was able to send my partner at her works an email 30mb in size the other week. Just tried sending myself (experimenting you see)a zipped file at about 15mb in size and it bounced back saying:

SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO: [email protected]>:
host [193.xxxxxx140]:
552 Message size exceeds fixed limit

I'm with Wanadoo/Freeserve and wondered if anyone knows the 'limit'?

Think I'll Google that 552 line though.



  Valvegrid 21:34 09 Oct 2004

I don't think there's any limit on OE, but there certainly is on the ISP's, Hotmail is 2MB Lycos is 10MB , they vary.

  nick_j007 21:38 09 Oct 2004

Thanks Valvegrid :-)

Anyone know of the Freeserve limit?


  Valvegrid 21:46 09 Oct 2004

They don't mention any limit, but they do warn against sending large attachments:

click here

  nick_j007 21:54 09 Oct 2004

Ok cool, 10 Mb is the magic number then.

I certainly don't have 1000 emails stored (!) and maybe only 10 mb's worth in my inbox.

My partners limit is obviously higher than my own you see, hence being able send her 30mb and me not even 15mb.

Thanks Valvegrid and crx1600 (getting me a 2.4vtech Accord soon;-)


  nick_j007 22:05 09 Oct 2004

OMG! Wanadoo men in black at my door!

I'll set my 5yr. old daughter onto them.

Yep, looking forward to the Accord. Tourer,
but nice none the less. Some cool alloys going on it too (Honda Penta's). I could crush a grape.

Ok, enough cars, I might get chucked off for not being on subject.

Those Preludes are nice...

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