max cpu for a7n8x-x mobo?

  pookie 13:01 31 Mar 2006

hi guys

windows xp home sp2, 3Ghz athon barton (21.17 i think), 1.5Gb pc3200 ddr ram, x800pro graphics, 550watt psu and a7n8x-x asus mobo.

i have looked on asus site but it's either hard to find the info or i'm going blind.

do you know what the max cpu i can put in the mobo is? i use it for games and feel that the cpu is a bottleneck now. i know it's an old agp board but feel that a good cpu upgrade is the best option at the moment rather than a complete rebuild on the pci band wagon.

many thanks


  goonerbill © ® 13:18 31 Mar 2006

here you go. full info on cpu's compatable with your mobo

click here

  ACOLYTE 13:21 31 Mar 2006

The best i can find is that it supports Socket A for AMD Athlon XP/Athlon / Duron
Thoroughbred/ Barton Core Support upto 400FSB,i cant find anything about sempron CPU support.

  pookie 13:22 31 Mar 2006

many thanks - it'll only go to 3.2 so no big upgrade for me then!!



  vinnyT 13:22 31 Mar 2006

This link gives you the cpu support details for your board, click here, and the Athlon XP 3200+(400 MHz FSB)(Model 10)(Barton) seems to be top dog.

Hope this helps.

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