matte 6×4 photo paper for inkjets - any sightings?

  polymath 16:39 09 Sep 2018

Is there such a thing? I thought buying some would be simple, but much Googling later I haven't found any. There's matte A4,there's semigloss/satin 6×4, but where's the matt 6×4? I don't see the logic of it.

I don't need museum quality, or want fancy textures or postcards ready printed with address lines etc - just the same kind of matt consumer inkjet photo paper that's available in A4.

It's for a Canon MP640 in case it matters (though it seems quite happy with the papers inherited from my old Epson & older HP).

  The Kestrel 19:25 09 Sep 2018

Try here: click here

  csqwared 19:36 09 Sep 2018

or here

Matt Paper

  polymath 21:42 09 Sep 2018

Wow - 2 forum angels to the rescue! Thank you so much.

And what's more, both Inkredible and Amazon UK will deliver to Ireland (I didn't get as far as that search filter, just tried Irish sites then UK ones, and couldn't find any!

I also tried 'Canon', and searching Amazon, and found none. (Maybe I just typed the measurements in the wrong order/scale.....).

Anyway, thanks again!

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