Matshita DVD SR 8582

  Chipmunk1 16:35 08 Sep 2003

My DVD player does not read CD R/W although it is supposed to do so according to the spec on the web site. Other CDs are read OK. I am using Windows 98 on a Tiny computer. Can anyone help please?

  Wobby 17:08 08 Sep 2003

Hiya Chipmunk1,

I think it could be that either you are using poor quality CD's or that you need to update the firmware on the DVD drive itself. Try some high quality CD's and if that doesn't work then look at: click here for an upto date firmware for your drive.
Please bear in mind though, bad flashing could destroy your drive. Carefully read the installation notes of your firmware before you upgrade. The Firmware Page and the drive manufacturer can't be held responsible if it goes wrong. This is at your own risk!!!!

  AFreestone 17:12 08 Sep 2003


I had a similar problem a while ago. The discs worked on a mates but not mine. As the previous guy said I used better quality CDRW's and bingo worked OK

  Chipmunk1 13:09 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for the comments Wobby and AFreestone. I have tried using CD RW by Nashua and AOpen and neither will work. Each time I get D:\ is not accessible The devise is not ready. However, I can read CD-R with music on and I can read CDs with games on and those from the front of computer mags. With reference to firmware my Settings info shows the firmware revision is 0ACA - which seems to be that in the link kindly provided by Wobby. On the Settings page it shows the following options ticked: Disconnect, Auto insertion notification and DMA. In view of Wobby's warning, I am reluctant to try updating the firmware unless it really is essential. Are there any other things I can try please??

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