matshita dvd-ram sw-9581 - power calibration erro

  mr_c 18:14 23 Sep 2003

I purchased the above DVD drive with a Time Powerstation about 6 months ago. Everytime I try to copy a blank DVD I get a 'power calibration' error and the write fails. I have tried using different media but still get the same error. I have also tried using different writer software such as Nero and Pinacle but get the same results. The drive burns fine using CDs but always fails DVDs.
Due to the high support costs on the Time support line and not really wanting to return the whole PC for repair would anybody have any advise on how to resolve this?

  mark500 19:55 23 Sep 2003

the "power calibration area" is a spot on the disc that the burners do some initial read-write tests to, to figure out how much cooking the disc needs. So that error message means, "bad" media, or maybe upgrade your firmware, or maybe it's an iDVD bug.
Try reducing the write speed to 1X.Some writers are fussy what they will write to. Also maybe a firmware upgrade is in order. My NEC1300A would not write to Princo discs until after an upgrade of the firmware.

  mr_c 20:21 23 Sep 2003

Have upgraded the firmware, tried vertabrim and datawrite classic media but still get the same error. Have even tried using a hair dryer in case there is any dust on the lens. Nothing has worked so far

  mark500 20:28 23 Sep 2003

click here

Register with this forum and post your problem. They are very helpful.

  mr_c 19:45 28 Sep 2003

Had no luck there either - looks like it may be just broken

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