Matshita drive not recognising DVD-R

  Andy H (aka ET) 14:25 26 Aug 2003

I have purchased the time S8309 Powerstation

It has a built in Mat*[email protected]:a SW 9518 Multi recorder drive

It uses the Instant CD/DVD software when I insert a blank CD the system recognises the cd fine. If I insert a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW in the drives I have the system displays the drive isn't accessible due to an I/O error.

I have looked on some tech support websites/forums and it appears to be mentioned that the drive doesn't like the make of DVD+R and it apparently is only recommended to use Panasic or TDK discs with the computer (Windows XP)

However, the message apppears in both drives of different makes

Any ideas?

I can supply driver details and CD information if needed

  rickf 15:27 26 Aug 2003

Click here click here
to find out if the media is supported by your drive. I have a loptop with a Matshita DVD/CDRW drive and it does not support DVD +RWs. There is no firmware either to download.

  LAP 18:58 26 Aug 2003

I have a Matshita drive and use Panasonic DVD-RAM discs 4.7gb.(expensive) win xp pro haven't had this computer long and therefore have not tried any other discs..Lap..

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