Maths question and Recovery Question

  eysha1 13:35 09 Feb 2013

Ok, i am totally useless at maths. I need to partition my new hard drive and i want the main C drive to bee 100 gigs, what is that in mgs? I am lost But very easy for you clever folks. Also, with this new laptop should i copy/burn recovery data on to disk? Getting a new laptop is a bit like moving house i think.

  iscanut 14:05 09 Feb 2013

1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte 1024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte 1024 gigabytes = terabyte.

Most hard drives these days on new pc come with at least 500 gbytes and many now are providing 1 terabyte. I would suggest that your main drive C: partition should be at least 500 Gbyte unless it is ONLY for the operating system and all other data and programs on another partition. Then drive C: could be smaller. Its always a good idea to have a recovery disc on a separate CD/DVD

  eysha1 14:29 09 Feb 2013

My new laptop is a 750 gig hardrive. I have partitioned it to the C drive at 97.6 gigs with the E drive at 560 gigs. should i now divide the C drive again using one section for OS and the rest for progreammes? if so what do you recommend? I haven't put any programmes on yet as it is a new laptop. i seem to have 450 megs of Healthy Partition - 260megs of healthy (EFI System - 9.80 gigs of Healthy recovery partition - my C drive is now at 127 gigs with my E at 560 gigs. I normally keep my programmes on the C drive along with some unimportant stuff and all important stuff on the E drive.

  tullie 14:35 09 Feb 2013

Why partition?Everything is still on the same HD.

  eysha1 14:41 09 Feb 2013

I think Iscanute is suggesting i keep my programmes on a seperate section and the OS on a seperate section. I am new to this so happy to take advice and if it is a good idea to follow Iscanute's suggestion then i am happy to do that, it might save problems in the future. My old laptop is having issues, Windows Host Protocol if i remembver properly and i didn't get it fixed so the problems continue, and i do have programms and OS on the one drive on that laptop.

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