Maths A level and Graph drawing

  Colinp 11:43 06 Oct 2004

My daughter is doing maths and further maths at A level. She needs a graphical drawing package, presumably similar to what you can get on some calculators.

Apparently what is available in MS Office is not suitable.

Any ideas please?

  Baledor 11:49 06 Oct 2004

(click here) and put mathematics into their search, other sites you can try include Zdnet & Cnet downloads.

  Confab 12:19 06 Oct 2004

The best port of call will be her tutor at school. He/she will know what's going to be studied on the course. A quick call to the school should do it.


  TomJerry 12:29 06 Oct 2004

You can download trial to find out yourself.

click here

  dave h 18:14 06 Oct 2004

Excel also has a graph drawing facility, depends how complicated the Graph is......

  Colinp 18:32 06 Oct 2004

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

dave h. I suggested Excel to her myself, but she said it wasn't good enough for her purposes!!!

  Forum Editor 18:49 06 Oct 2004

click here

One advantage is that it's free, and therefore she could take it for a spin at no risk. One of the problems with mathematical graphics software is that there are so many different disciplines - what suits one mathematician isn't right for another. In your daughter's case she needs a broad-brush application that can perform lots of different functions - see what she thinks of my link.

  Colinp 22:46 07 Oct 2004

Thanks FE. She seems to think that that is the program for her, and it's free.

  TomJerry 00:11 08 Oct 2004

it is used by many schools.

  Colinp 11:10 08 Oct 2004


Ok i will. Thanks for all responses.

  Colinp 11:13 08 Oct 2004


Except i cant get in using that link!

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