Matching email address on I Phone with I pAD

  ponytail 12:31 28 Dec 2014

My wife has just got a new Apple I Phone 4s and needs to match the email address on the phone to the address on the I Pad.At the moment the two email addresses are different.And obviously she needs to keep all the details and contacts on the phone.The main reason she wants this is when she takes any photos on the phone they will automatically go to her I pad which by the way is a Apple I Pad air.Any help or advice much appreciated.Thanks

  john bunyan 13:54 28 Dec 2014

Apple has 2 ID systems, which can be the same; one for you "Apple ID" and one for "I Cloud". She , presumably, has a back up of music etc in iTunes on a PC as well? Start on that by logging in to her Apple ID using the original e mail and password, create an iCloud account (if you want using the same ID and password), then on the iPad and iPhone ensure the same ID's and passwords are used. Read here:

Apple ID

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