Mastodon......? What is it?

  VideoSentry 19:11 10 Jan 2005

Every time I log on ( or any other user ) XP SP2 Iwe get " You or a progran have requested information from Mastodon. What connection do you want to use"
I do not know what program has asked or what "user" . I have seached for the name with a big Zero. Does anyone know what it is or more important how I get rid of it?
I have seached on the Net but there are lots of sites re animals....

  bremner 19:23 10 Jan 2005

Have you searched the registry and the text within win.ini and system.ini

If a program is making a call for this you should find a reference there.

  Technotiger 19:29 10 Jan 2005

Hi, a Mastadon is/was a ice-age mammal similar to an elephant - it is also the name of a USofA heavy metal band. But I think in your case it is probably a 'nastie' of some sort and I would advise running any Spyware/Malware/Anitvirus etc that you may have to try and get rid of it.


  VideoSentry 21:41 10 Jan 2005

Technotiger:I have tried all of the spyware/,malware etc including all the NSW , which do not find it.
bremner: How do I search them ? ( I have tried the search tool on XP)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 10 Jan 2005

type msconfig in the run box

clickoon the relevant tabs to view system.ini win.ini boot.ini

  VideoSentry 19:29 12 Jan 2005

Sorry to be a pain but what am I looking for and where?

  Technotiger 20:16 12 Jan 2005

Hi, have a look here .......
click here


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 12 Jan 2005

Start - run - type msconfig - press ok

start tab, check for any reference to Mastodon

if you find any untick the box and apply

  VideoSentry 22:15 12 Jan 2005

I have tried both the link and the msconfig but no trace on either? All I would like to do is to get rid of it , but if I can't find where the s%d is hiding how do I ?

  HIGHLAND GUY 22:32 12 Jan 2005

Have you tried "a-squared" click here as this seems to pick up nasties others can't find,had a similar problem myself this sorted it out once and for all.

Nothing to lose as it's a 30 day trial of full product, just download,install and update you will need a valid e-mail addy to get activation code and thats it.

good hunting.


  ChrisP 23:13 12 Jan 2005

Google gives Mastodon as a Linux program.

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