Master / Slave mains power adaptors

  Batch 17:25 16 Jul 2012

Does any know of any / have any experience of automatic master / slave mains power adaptors? By automatic I means ones that detect the current flow on the master socket and switch the power on / off on the slave sockets (rather than using a remote control as some do)?

I've come across this one masterplug MSRGMS3-MS at B&Q, but was wondering if there are any others (from other manufacturers) and also whether they are any good.

  chub_tor 18:01 16 Jul 2012

I was given one of those free by EDF some years ago as an energy saving device and I use it on my PC so that when the base unit is switched off it also switches off my monitor and printer. I works fine. Try checking with your electricity supplier, there may be some free ones out there. I also have a free electricity usage monitor from EDF.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 16 Jul 2012

I have a "PowerFix" bought from Lidal a couple of years ago

2 master sockets 4 slaves.

Has built in surge protector still going strong.

  Batch 08:19 17 Jul 2012

Thanks for those ideas. Have had a look at EDF site and they only have a remote controlled product at the moment.

Also tried LIDL. The UK site doesn't seem to really list much, but might have a browse in the local store. Searched for Powerfix Lidl and got a page full of Powerfix branded products on, but not the product I'm after.

Also tried Clas Ohlson, but again no joy.

Part of the problem of googling for such a product is not really knowing what a generic name for these could possibly be. It's not like searching for, say, a usb memory stick.

The masterplug one will probably do the job, I just like to have a choice (and B&Q seems to be the only outlet that has them).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:36 17 Jul 2012
  chub_tor 10:09 17 Jul 2012

Intelliplug Click Here

  Batch 15:03 17 Jul 2012

Thanks guys.

Having done some research (including the Intelliplug reviews on Amazon), I'n not sure these are worth the price (at least for me). The electricity savings would be minimal and the reliability of these things pretty poor (a high proportion failing after one or two years).

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